Academic and language support

Academic and English Language Support

Academic Support

Students who are experiencing difficulties with any aspect of their course are encouraged to contact their trainer or any other member of staff. Our trainers are able to provide academic support to facilitate the successful completion of your course. Students who are experiencing language, literacy and numeracy difficulties during the course can access support from our trainer or we can arrange referral to external support services. Gippsland Institute of Technology can provide and/ or arrange English language/ academic support including but not limited to:

  • Advice and guidance on how to manage the study load
  • Helping students adjust to the learning and assessment process
  • Provide guidance and assistance with addressing homework issues
  • Reviewing learner materials with the student
  • Arranging extra tuition, materials and exercises
  • Arranging access to supplementary reference materials
  • Arranging for supplementary exercises to develop understanding
  • Arranging access to computers
  • Arranging access to modified resources
  • Provide opportunities to re-attempt assessments
  • Adjusting assessment deadlines and amending delivery schedules, course duration
  • Providing guidance with organisation/time management skills
  • Negotiating a plan to enable completion of tasks
  • Arranging catch up classes during non-scheduled class time and/ or holidays
  • Providing opportunities to catch up
  • Providing guidance with organisation/ time management skills

English Language Support

Students who experience difficulties with English language are provided support by our student services department. If a student is having difficulty understanding lessons, reading and or submitting written work to an appropriate standard they should be referred to the student services department. All delivery, assessment and instruction are carried out in English unless otherwise stated. There may be the opportunity available to you for “reasonable adjustment” concerning the assessment process, depending on the level of support you require. Contact the Student services officer for further information.